3 Effective Ways You Can Bolster Your CCTV Security Systems

CCTV Security Systems

If you are a business owner, it pays to know how to keep your company secure. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be looking at three ways you can bolster your CCTV security monitoring system to make it more effective.

Monitored CCTV Systems

Remote monitored CCTV systems represent a significant leap in the capability of company CCTV. Monitored CCTV systems can automatically detect potential signs of concern and then forward these to security professionals. Operators can then adjust cameras to get a better view of any incident and make an on-the-spot decision on whether to communicate with the intruder or alert the police.

In view of this, monitored CCTV offers companies a host of advantages. For instance, it allows them to proactively respond to intruders on their property through loudspeaker systems, deterring them from proceeding further. It’s also substantially less expensive than hiring a regular security team to monitor your premises. You can also integrate monitored CCTV with your alarm system, immediately alerting security professionals of a potential incident the moment that it happens.

CCTV Systems Integrated with Access Control

Companies are also looking to integrate CCTV systems with access control. The idea here is to point your CCTV cameras at your premises’ access points to actively manage who has access to your site. By using CCTV, you can quickly identify security breaches, such as several people accessing your building using a single access card. You can then use this information to intervene on the ground or caution employees/visitors against similar action in the future.

You can also use integrated monitoring CCTV cameras and access control systems to automatically alert you whenever employees use their proximity cards. This way, you can get cameras to turn on when people approach your buildings, allowing security teams to verify their identity and ensure that intruders are not using lost or stolen cards.

Combining remote monitored CCTV systems with an access control system permits a variety of additional functions and features, including:

  • Easy linking of video footage with security events
  • Identification of forced, granted and denied entry
  • Quick viewing of historical footage not linked to any particular event
  • Ability to assign multiple cameras to a single-entry point
  • Ability to use one camera to monitor multiple entry points.

CCTV Systems Integrated with Intruder Alarms

Many companies also integrate CCTV with intruder alarms. These systems use cameras to identify potential intruders and send alerts to authorised staff members. Depending on the situation, they can then deactivate the alarm and unlock any doors.

In some cases, CCTV will not deter burglars, so combining it with an alarm can act as a secondary deterrent.

Using integrated systems increases the chances that you will be able to collect images to catch criminals. Alarm-plus-CCTV systems alert you via your remote CCTV monitoring software and through the noise generated by the alarm. On-site staff can then respond quickly and potentially prevent a security breach or loss of property.

In summary, therefore, CCTV technology is continually improving. Combining CCTV with remote monitoring radically improves its capacity as a deterrent.

See why even more businesses are opting to invest in monitored CCTV systems to bolster their existing security by checking out our guide

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