5 Advantages of Remote Monitored CCTV Systems

Monitored CCTV Systems

Remote monitoring is a big advantage of more high-tech CCTV systems. Any signs of activity are picked up by the CCTV system and sent through the internet to a screen monitored by a security professional, who can move the camera to get the best view and alert the police. These systems are great security equipment, for both commercial and domestic properties. There are lots of advantages to having a remotely monitored CCTV system. Here are some of the main advantages of remote CCTV monitoring systems.

Cost-Effective Solution

With CCTV remote monitoring services, you won’t have to pay for a full-time on-site guard. To be worthwhile, you need a guard on duty for a lot of time, but a remote CCTV monitoring service can keep an eye on your premises without the need for anyone to actually be there. The system will pick up any signs of movement on the premises, so the monitoring centre can respond, saving you money.

Monitor Potential Threats

CCTV lets you monitor your premises very closely, which can help you to lower the risk of threats to your space. Video evidence is also useful for insurance reasons or for reporting a crime. Remote monitoring can be a benefit, whether you want to keep an eye on staff to make sure that your employee systems and protocols are working, or make sure that customer interactions are being handled in the way you would want.

Integration with Other Security Systems

CCTV monitoring can be integrated with other security systems, such as your alarm system, for even higher levels of protection and security. This means that when the alarm goes off, the cameras will move to see where the issues are in order to monitor the activity. An integrated remote CCTV set-up lets you manage threats properly and makes sure that you have video evidence of any activity in case you need it later.

Helps to Deter Criminals

Often, just having a security camera present can be enough to make potential intruders think twice about coming into your property. To make the most of this benefit, remote monitoring systems will have the ability to communicate directly with any intruder, which can also be a very effective deterrent.

Remote Monitored CCTV Systems Allow for A Proactive Response

Some security systems are not fast enough to respond to a problem like an intruder on-site, but a remote monitoring system will be able to alert the emergency services almost immediately on detecting any suspicious activity. This quicker response time makes this system one of the best and increases the likelihood that any illegal activity can be prevented.

Remote monitoring for CCTV systems can be useful for both domestic and commercial properties. In fact, remote systems like this can work well for a wide range of industries, such as offices, industrial sites, car dealerships, hospitals, or construction sites. Any business that has expensive equipment or products kept on-site, or residential property owners who want some peace of mind that their home is secure can benefit from this type of security system.

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