5 Reasons Why You Should Use Thermal Image Cameras to Secure your Home or Business

Thermal Image Cameras

Installing a camera for business security is important for businesses in the construction industry, small business industry, and food industry. Having a home security camera is also beneficial. Security cameras can help deter criminal behaviour or just bad behaviour in general. Thermal image cameras add an extra layer of security to your business to ensure that you are safe. Here are some reasons to update your camera system to thermal imaging cameras.


Thermal Image Cameras Are Immune to Visual Limitations

Regular cameras have limitations, just like our eyes. They can have difficulty seeing through obstructions that occur naturally that either block or reflect the light. This can keep the cameras from seeing everything in the frame or being indecipherable because of glares.

Thermal imaging cameras are not limited by these same issues. Thermal radiation is able to pass through any visual barriers to provide a clear image of what is on the other side. They can see what is happening in areas where other cameras cannot see. They are also not susceptible to glares.


Low-light Scenarios

It is often necessary to view camera footage from night hours or other times of low light. This is especially true of outside cameras that are used to monitor the perimeter of a building. Thermal imaging cameras can truly shine during these times because they do not rely on light to capture the images.


Camouflaging Foliage

Regular cameras can only capture visible light which means they can be fooled. Visual camouflage is one of these tricks. Similar colours or patterns can blend, making it hard to see what is in the footage. Deciphering what is actually in the images can be difficult, but tricks like this can't be used on thermal imaging cameras.


Fewer False Alarms

Thermal imaging cameras also cause fewer false alarms. This is more cost-effective for businesses because it takes less time and money away from your daily operations to sort through alarms.

Thermal imaging cameras use advanced analytics software applications that perform at higher calibres than other cameras. This use of high contrast images and video reduces the number of false alarms.


Higher Return on Investment

Thermal imaging cameras are also one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure the best security system is in place for your business. Thermal imaging camera security systems are usually less expensive than CCTV security systems, without skipping on any of the protection.

This is a more cost-effective system because you need fewer cameras when using thermal imaging cameras. This becomes possible due to the wide range of their performance. Regular cameras need to cover more angles and can only capture images under 200 meters at night. Meaning you may also need to install extra lighting when using these cameras.

With thermal imaging cameras, you do not need extra lighting options, because they don't require it to keep your business secure. They can also see further, meaning you don't need to install as many cameras to capture different angles as they aren't obstructed by objects or structures.


So, How Secure Is Your Home?

Securing your home or business from break-ins is important for your safety. Having any type of security system in place is good, but utilising thermal image cameras will provide you with a level of security that traditionally CCTV cameras can’t.

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