5 Things to Look for In A New CCTV Monitoring Supplier

Monitored CCTV Supplier

CCTV monitoring equipment can help reduce the risk of work-related violence and crime. Not only do cameras act as a deterrent to criminals, but they will also make staff members feel safer. All businesses should have CCTV monitoring systems in place to ensure their premises are safe and monitored at all times. If you lack this or need an update, you may be looking for the best CCTV monitoring companies to offer you the best deals, equipment, and protection. If so, here are five things to look for when finding a new CCTV monitoring supplier.

Before deciding on the supplier, you will need to decide what you need help with. Your surveillance objectives will include what control measures you need. The most traditional CCTV monitoring systems include cameras that sync with in-office computers. These are great as you can watch back the footage. However, these measures only allow you to access the footage from the office computers. However, now you can use remote CCTV services.

With CCTV remote monitoring services you can access your surveillance footage at all times. There is no need to hire a security guard. Instead, the footage will be accessible through your mobile or computer devices, so that you can keep an eye on your cameras and premises at all times.

When you decide on the access, equipment, and training you need, you will want to ask the supplier a few questions:

How Does Remote Monitoring Help Prevent Crimes Before They Occur?

You might need to consider some additional features if you choose remote monitoring services to be able to enhance the protection of the premises. For instance, some CCTV monitoring systems can signal light flashes or sounds, which will deter any intruders. Additionally, advanced systems will alert your device if an interruption does occur on the premises when nobody is around. You will also want to make sure that the supplier also monitors your premises remotely so that they can act if an intruder was to enter the premises out of hours.

How Quickly Do You Answer the Alarms?

Any business will want their alarms answered as soon as possible. The quicker the response time, the better. You will likely require a company that can offer 24-hour monitoring, as a crime can occur at any time of day. Your business will benefit from a fast response time to ensure that your alarms are seen as soon as possible to reduce the risk of work-related crime and violence.

How Do You Protect Footage from CCTV Cameras?

As a business, you will want to ensure your data and security is protected to avoid hackers intruding on your privacy. A CCTV monitoring system should be protected by passwords to ensure nobody can invade the system. If a system is hacked, the footage and security could be compromised. This could hinder the footage and result in it being deleted, which could result in a lack of evidence if your workplace is attacked or intruded on.

What Happens If Your Monitoring Equipment Fails?

If your monitoring equipment was to fail, you will need to know what the supplier can do. You will not want to lack security in case a crime was to take place. Thus, finding a proactive supplier that will secure your business at all times is key. The best thing a supplier can do is attend the premises until it’s back up and running. it’s ideal if they run tests to see what caused the equipment to fail so that they can prevent it from happening again. The best CCTV monitoring suppliers will offer equipment that will not fail. However, it can occur if the connection is compromised. Thus, you will want peace of mind to ensure they will cover your premises in case the equipment does fail.

Have They Monitored Sites Like Yours Before?

All sites and businesses are different. Some require more surveillance equipment than others due to size. Thus, you will want to ensure that they have monitored a site like yours before so that you know they can offer a smooth and protective service.

When you know these five answers, you can have a better idea of what the supplier can offer you in terms of equipment, protection, and service. No matter the size of your business, you will want to ensure that the supplier can prevent crimes, answer alarms, protect your footage, and support you if the equipment fails. When looking for a CCTV monitoring supplier and new equipment, always ensure to ask the above questions and go to them with your security objectives in mind.

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