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Installation of Access Control Systems

Would you like to install an access control device for your property or office? You can count on us for a swift and hassle-free installation service.

Security depends upon certainty, the access control systems designed and installed by Mac Security Systems offer that certainty throughout your premises. Being Secure doesn’t just mean controlling who moves in and out of your property. It means being able to monitor and control the movements of those within your business. It’s about who goes where and when, and it's about making that control simple.

At Mac Security, the access control system will do precisely that. We have developed unrivalled expertise in the design and installation of access control systems, custom building them to meet our client’s needs. Combining electronic and mechanical options, we offer flexible solutions to meet your requirements – from single door security to multi-site operations.

Access Control Systems


What is an Access Control System?

An access control system, controls who enters or exits a property or area.  Access control system can be used as a security measure to prevent unauthorised access as well as staff monitoring.  It can assist with timesheets etc. Access control uses a fob or card which needs to be swiped or shown to a panel in order to enter.

What is an Intercom System?

An intercom system is a two-way audio device, a bit like a doorbell.  You can speak to someone prior to opening a door or gate.

What is Anti-Pass Back?

Anti-pass back prevents unauthorised access to a premise or area.  It prevents others from using your access credentials. For example, Ben has access to Zone B, Joe doesn’t. Ben access zone B and gives Joe his pass so he can get in. With anti-passback, the system will not let Joe in as Bens already in there.

What can you report via an Access Control System?

Access Control system can be used to control personnel in or out of a certain area, but it can also be used to locate employees and produce timesheets which can help working out over time, early leave lateness etc. Dependant on your requirements will depend on which reports suit you best.

Where can I buy an Access Control System?

Access Control Systems can be bought from some hardware stores and online, however, we would strongly advise you get a system installed by a professional company to ensure it will do what you require.

Do I need an Access Control System?

It is extremely important to monitor and restrict individuals entering your site to conduct recognisance work, pose a threat to employees or steal assets. With recent changes to GDPR it has never been more crucial to protect customer and company data. You may have a server room that requires securing with electronically monitored locks.

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    Modern Devices to Secure your Business

    Control your environment, from standalone keypad systems to fully integrated multi user systems, with tokens, tags, swipe or proximity cards and computer software programs for data management. Ease of use is the most important key and MAC Security has a solution to meet your needs.

    A modern access control system allows you to control who can enter the premises and where they can access. These systems are indispensable to public premises like hospitals, schools and shops, or anywhere that employees/members of the public of the must access, but where certain areas or systems must be kept off-limits.

    Lock and key security are vulnerable to thieves and other intruders, and nowhere near as flexible as modern access control equipment. For example, lost, stolen or misused cards can be barred quickly, and compromised codes can be changed in minutes without calling out a locksmith.

    No Obligation Survey

    MAC Security provides a full range of access control equipment, suited to indoor or exterior use and for commercial and residential properties of all sizes. All of our equipment is certified and our engineers are fully qualified, assuring you the best quality security system. Our surveyors carry out free, no obligation survey of your premises to determine and discuss your security and access control needs.

    Why use MAC Security?

    For added security, Door entry systems give you total control over who can enter your property. Door entry systems add a superior level of security, denying site access to unauthorised individuals and allowing fast, inexpensive access and permission changes.

    Consider integrating your access control system with an intrusion detection system a fire alarm, or a CCTV system - suitable for property or business.

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