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Secure your property with our range of high tech CCTV systems. Whether you need a single or a multiple camera system installed, we will complete your job in no time.

When it comes to security and surveillance, what else can be better than a camera linked directly to your mobile phone/PC/tablet for immediate viewing?

CCTV cameras come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, offering various solutions to ensure your property is secure. We offer analogue and IP Systems, depending on your requirements.

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What CCTV Security Camera should I buy?

CCTV Cameras differ in quality and ability. A site survey by someone who can advise is always recommended as the market is full of different types. It depends on the footage required before anyone can tell you for certain what cameras you need. 

CCTV Cameras can be dome or bullet-shaped, analogue or IP, the storage device either a DVR or NVR can have different hard drives installed to give more recording capacity. Please get some advice before deciding on what you require.

What does CCTV stand for?

Closed Circuit Television – Cameras connected to a recording device to enable users to view live or recorded footage.

Which CCTV Security System?

There are many different manufacturers of CCTV Systems many can do the same things again its all dependant on what the user requires from the system.

Where can I buy CCTV Security Cameras?

There are a range of CCTV systems available, you can purchase a budget system from your local DIY shop however it is strongly recommended to have your alarm installed by a professional accredited company as they are trained to undertake are risk assessment and supply you with a certificate for your installation.

How do I install a CCTV security system?

Depending on what type of system you have, and the requirements would depend on how to install the cameras.  Most CCTV systems are screwed to a wall with cables run internally to a recording device. It is important not to leave cables visible or accessible to prevent anyone tampering with them.

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    More Information

    Property Monitoring Systems

    CCTV is a deterrent and protection tool which provides Visual Verification of events. The design of the system is extremely important MAC Security will walk you through your needs to ensure the correct system is delivered, from a single camera system to multiple camera projects, recording digitally on site or signalling through to a control room.

    CCTV solutions reduce crime and can provide a valuable record of key events for investigative purposes, providing 24/7 surveillance with live remote viewing access so you can see what’s happening at your business anytime.

    There are numerous specifications of CCTV systems to choose from and at MAC Security we provide a range of solutions to suit residential and businesses. Both Internal and external surveillance systems are available and can be integrated with other proprietary systems such as Access Control, Fire and Intruder Alarms. Infra-red and low-light night vision is available, especially for externally mounted systems and discreet/covert monitoring systems are available as well, allowing you to monitor audio and video anywhere in and around your facility.

    Implementing a CCTV system for your business offers many benefits:

    Recording and Capturing images

    Adding authorities to apprehend and locate the offenders. CCTV systems can capture images and audio of attempted robberies.

    Safer working environment:

    Helps to protect and ensure adherence to health and safety policies and can be invaluable in staff training. CCTV is ideal for preventing occurrences between staff and false claims of misconduct.

    Possible Discount on insurance premiums

    Many insurance companies give you a discount on your property insurance premiums if you have a security system installed.

    Increased Visible deterrent

    Camera systems provide a great deterrent against potential thieves and intruders. They are less likely to attempt to break-in.

    Increased detection following an event

    Leads to higher prosecution rates for property owners and businesses with CCTV systems installed.


    CCTV systems and alarm monitoring companies provide signage that allows everyone to see that your property is under the protection of a video surveillance system or/and a monitored alarm.

    Remote Monitoring

    Enables you can monitor your CCTV system remotely over the Internet, which allows you to watch your property while you are away. Combined with detection the system will alert you to anything out of the ordinary allowing you to respond accordingly. All of our CCTV systems can be viewed and controlled remotely (via an iPhone, tablet, laptop etc). They can also be monitored remotely through our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

    Early warning

    Our CCTV systems can alert users of any suspicious activity, via email or text, enabling you to view the property or business’s CCTV equipment and if necessary notify the police prior to a crime has been committed.

    Retail theft

    Shop lifters deliberately target businesses with poor security and will look elsewhere if there is a risk they may be caught on camera.

    CCTV integrates with other security solutions

    If there is an existing security system installed a CCTV solution can be added to improve security. It does not matter which kind of security solutions you currently use, as CCTV is always an improvement if you do not have video or audio surveillance. CCTV can easily integrate with any system, even if you have an alarm monitoring company monitoring your alarm.

    CCTV gives you peace of mind

    Knowing that your buildings are well protected and monitored gives a feeling of security. The added protection and deterrence factors of a CCTV system can give you peace of mind and allow you to rest more easily knowing your property and the contents are safe.

    Solutions to protects both inside and outside

    A CCTV system can easily protect both the inside and outside of your property, increasing your security and the safety of your family.

    Low cost with high security

    When compared to the potential cost of a burglar entering your property, the cost of installing a CCTV system is very reasonable. A CCTV system provides audio/video surveillance and can even capture footage of burglars in the act of unlawfully entering your building. CCTV systems can also give you a discount on your property insurance premiums and are great for deterring criminals from entering your business. Whether it is the final addition or the first component of a complete security suite, CCTV systems are integral to protecting what is important to you and your family.

    Our range includes state-of-the-art cameras

    • Internal or external
    • Fixed, varifocal or fully functional with pan, tilt and zoom
    • Vandal-resistant
    • Low light level (lux)
    • Covert cameras

    As well as for security purposes, our CCTV systems can be used for analytical marketing.

    We can provide information in relation to people flow and merchandising, whilst integrating with till data to give an overall sales analysis.

    Wired VS Wireless?

    Wired cameras are cheaper than wireless cameras.

    Wireless cameras can be interrupted by other devices such as, routers, cordless phones, microwaves, the loss of the internet, thick walls or large metal objects.

    Wired cameras can be difficult to install due to the cabling and connections.

    Indoor and Outdoor Solutions.

    We supply all types of CCTV cameras and recorders, whether you want analogue or IP we can install cameras internally or externally. We supply bullets and domes in different colours mainly white and grey and can combine both types of cameras linking it to the same recording device. By doing this you can view internal and external images at the same time.

    Storage and Remote Access.

    Our CCTV Solutions include a storage device, either a DVR or NVR to store recordings along with remote viewing so you can view your premises from anywhere. We will give you connection to as many devices as you need including phones, tablets, PC and monitors.

    Night vision and Motion Detection.

    The CCTV Cameras we use come with night vision and can be set to motion record only. This provides a better solution for when you need to look back over footage. It also ensures your recording device stores your data for longer, therefore no need to worry about losing your images.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence allows machines to do jobs previously done by people. This technology allows cameras and control room equipment identify a wide range of threats automatically and in real time across hundreds or even thousands of cameras – allowing security teams to respond immediately to protect people and assets.

    How does it Work?

    Artificial intelligence systems become more intelligent over time, it builds databases of potential threats and reacts to new events accordingly. Systems can ‘think for themselves’ and alert teams of any suspicious events or people caught on camera.

    Artificial intelligence technologies use advanced algorithms based on Deep learning to distinguish between different kinds of security events and threats.

    Technologies incorporated into the portfolio include:

    Facial Recognition

    This allows law enforcement personnel identify suspects and commercial teams to identify VIP customers in real time

    Vehicle Identification

    This can be used to identify number plates and recognise different tuypes of vehicles, including the make and model, or to trigger alerts when vehicles enter restricted areas.

    Perimeter Protection

    This helps organisations identify real threats by distinguishing people and vehicles to other moving objects to reduce false alarm activations.

    Business Intelligence

    This employs people counting, queue detection and heat mapping technologies which can enhance operational efficiency by making use of a data reports.

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