Conventional Fire Alarms Vs. Addressable Fire Alarms; What’s the Difference?

2nd December 2020 | MAC Security Systems

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It is an excellent investment to have a fire alarm system for your commercial premises. Fire alarms' primary function is to ensure that you are protected from fires and other related harmful incidents like smoke inhalation.

If your fire alarm is getting old or has seen some damage, now might be the best time to consider a replacement. But before you head out of the door, you should know the main kinds of fire alarm systems and which one might work best for you.

The two significant types are conventional fire alarms and addressable fire alarms. The rest of this article will help you find which kind you should get.

What Are Conventional Fire Alarms?

Conventional fire alarm systems use analogue technology. They are analogue because they require electricity to function. With this alarm system, you can wire your building into designated zones and then connect them to the system's control panel.

This fire alarm system works by increasing the amount of electrical current in its circuit at any time when there are significant changes in its nearby environment (extreme heat or smoke). The reason for this feature is that the increased current is designed to trigger the alarm system.

However, the fire alarm is only designed to warn you of a potential fire. It doesn't inform you of where exactly the fire is.

When it comes to cost, a conventional fire alarm system is relatively inexpensive. It can still cost a lot to install, mainly because you will need a separate wire to connect different devices.

What Are Addressable Fire Alarms?

The addressable fire alarm system is a more modern or sophisticated type, as it relies on digital technology. This system connects all devices to its control using a single loop of wire.

Because this alarm system solely depends on digital technology, you would have access to obtaining more information such as exactly where there might be a potential fire outbreak or how much smoke or heating your device can detect.

Its ability to pinpoint the location of the fire is perhaps its most crucial feature. Firefighters will know where the fire is occurring and can adequately prepare beforehand on how to put it out to prevent further damage.

Addressable fire alarms typically cost more than conventional fire alarm systems. However, its installation is more affordable. It does have more features that give you more value for your money.

What's the Verdict?

The addressable fire alarm system is the more superior of the two. However, it doesn't mean that everyone should opt for it. You will appreciate the value of an addressable fire alarm system more if you have a larger space that might make it difficult for you to identify the source of a fire outbreak quickly

On the other hand, a conventional fire alarm system would work best in much smaller spaces, such as a one-bedroom flat or a tiny retail shop or a small office space, where it wouldn't be too difficult to find the source of a fire. It's important that you take a look at the recently updated domestic fire detection and alarm system standard before you purchase a fire alarm for your business.

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