Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Protection Systems

The most important of our systems is the Fire Alarm, protecting life first, property and assets, MAC Security supply, install and commission single small installations through to fully integrated addressable systems. Our surveyor will make a site visit to establish your requirements and then design a system tailored to suit your needs.

All of our Fire Alarm systems meet necessary standards/requirements for both non-domestic and domestic premise. These alarm systems will provide peace of mind from both a practical and legal perspective. Also, you have the option to be linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for fire service and/or keyholder response.


Fire Alarms Systems


How do Fire Alarm Systems work?

A fire alarm should alert you of a fire, it will do this by sensors. Smoke detectors will detect smoke and Heat Detectors detect heat. Most properties have smoke detectors fitted so many people are familiar with what they do. A fire alarm can do more than just make a noise, it can be linked to an alarm receiving centre and local fire brigades this is perfect for commercial premises.

How many types of Fire Alarm Systems are there?

There is a range of intruder alarms available, you can purchase a budget system from your local DIY shop however it is strongly recommended to have your alarm installed by a professional accredited company as they are trained to undertake are risk assessment and supply you with a certificate for your installation.

How much do Fire Alarm Systems cost?

Fire alarms can be expensive, but it is ALWAYS recommended for a professional and accredited installer supply and fit the system. Commercial sites require a Fire Risk Assessment to be completed this will outline fire protocols and the type of system that will be required.

How does a Conventional Fire Alarm System work?

A conventional fire alarm system is usually the more cost-effective option when installing in commercial settings but they don’t allow you to pinpoint where the fire is it instead works on a loop system, this means it would only alert you that there is a fire within a certain zone.

How does an Addressable Fire Alarm System work?

An addressable fire alarm system is able to tell you where the fire is.  This is done by giving each detector an address and the fire alarm panel will show via a screen which device has gone in to fire on the system, better pin-pointing the area.

What type of Fire Alarm System do I need?

A grade 2 alarm is ideal for domestic properties and small/medium commercial settings. Alarms are graded by technology and signalling capabilities. A grade 2 system can be connected to the police, alarm receiving centres and have a level of redundancy built into them.

How often do Fire Alarm Systems need to be inspected?

At least every 12 months, and 6 months if linked to an alarm receiving centre and fire brigade. The service will ensure the system is in full working order. 

Who can design Fire Alarm Systems?

Fire alarm systems must be designed by a competent person in the fire alarm industry, a fire risk assessment is required to be completed by an accredited company and trained person. Following this the level of the system required E.G L2 will be outlined and the competent person will design the fire alarm system based around the needs and requirements.

Should my Commercial Fire Alarm be Addressable or Conventional?

Addressable systems are generally regarded as the most reliable option, however, conventional systems can be more affordable. Our surveyors can recommend the best system for you, based on your specific needs and budget.

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    Our staff are qualified and have a wealth of experience. They are able to provide you with all the advice you need to choose the right system and equipment that caters for your needs. We can also service and maintain existing Fire Alarm Systems.

    Fire kills everything it meets. Why doesn’t your property or business have a fire alarm system?

    Once you have reviewed our recommendations based on your requirements, your fire alarm system will be installed by our skilled engineers. Whether your new system is hard-wired or a wireless fire alarm system, it will include all the key components needed, to effectively arm your property or business to detect the signs of fire.

    You will have a control panel (to manage the system), linked to a combination of smoke and heat detectors. Your system will also comprise of internal and external sounders (audible alarms) and emergency break-glass devices.

    Types of Fire Alarm Systems

    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

    Addressable systems are when all linked devices (such as smoke detectors) have an ‘address, or location programmed into the system. This means that if a device is activated, the panel will show exactly which device it was and where it is in the building.

    Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

    Conventional systems don’t allow you to pinpoint which device has been activated. Instead, areas of the building are sectioned into ‘zones’.

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