Fire Alarms System Installation

Each business is different, every property is unique and the risk of fire for each of our clients varies on the basis of a wide range of factors. Here at MAC Security, we have an incredibly broad experience of designing, fitting and maintaining fire alarm systems for business and residential clients alike, and each system is bespoke and designed to the highest possible specifications.

An effective fire alarm system is a legal requirement for many businesses and is often required for insurance purposes. Even more importantly, the right fire alarm system will detect and prevent fires in a way which protects your buildings and assets and keeps the people inside those buildings as safe as possible.


Fire Alarms System Installation

Our Fire Alarm System Installation Solution

We’re based in the heart of the midlands, but we offer fire alarm installation across the whole of the UK. It doesn’t matter whether you need a single, small scale system for an individual location or a large, fully integrated addressable system to cover multiple properties, we’ll deliver a tailored solution to put your mind at ease. If needed, that can include a link to our Alarm Receiving Centre and a fire service and/or keyholder response.

We work with industries of every type, so we’re used to designing systems which deliver in highly specific locations and circumstances, and the process begins when our expert surveyors visit your business premises for a free survey, and draw up a plan detailing exactly what you need. We understand the world of business, so we always deliver solutions which are as affordable as they are effective, and our commitment to customer service is such that each client enjoys a genuine partnership through each stage of the project.

When the fire alarm system is being installed we manage the process in a way that minimizes disruption and enables your business or home life to keep running smoothly.

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    Types of Fire Alarm Systems

    Conventional Systems

    If the premises which require a fire alarm system are too small to need a high tech programmable solution then a conventional detection and alarm system could be the ideal solution. Fire alarm systems of this kind are suited to smaller residences, offices, business spaces or shops as an entry-level solution for fire prevention.

    When an alarm of this kind is triggered, the exact location of the fire will not be detected, but the control panel will still highlight what is known as the zone of concern, so that anyone dealing with the fire will know where to start looking.

    Radio Alarm Systems

    We offer a range of wireless and hybrid fire alarm systems which can be tailored to meet the widest possible range of circumstances. Everything we install meets the latest fire safety legislation, and all wireless fire alarm systems are fully EN54-25 third party approved products.

    Our expertise and experience, combined with a firm commitment to customer service, means that we can install systems with the most advanced features currently available, which are also completely wireless and cable free.

    Analogue and Addressable Systems

    If the premises for which the alarm is needed are larger, with multiple locations within them, then an analogue addressable system could provide the perfect solution. Unlike conventional systems – which only warn that a fire has broken out within a specific zone or circuit – an analogue addressable system can pinpoint precisely where within a building the detector has picked up on the presence of fire.

    In an analogue system, on the other hand, each detector is given a specific address number, and is linked to a control panel. Communication between the panel and the detector means that each detector can provide reports on the amount of smoke and heat detected at a specific address within the system.


    Systems of this type are perfect for more complex and multi-faceted environments, whether that means a larger single premises or a network across several smaller premises.

    Once a potential incident has been identified at a certain address within premises, a fire alarm can be sounded within that specific area, alerting those present to the possible presence of fire, making any incident easy to locate and avoiding the disruption of a full building evacuation.

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