Fire Aspirating Systems

It almost goes without saying that the sooner a fire or potential fire is detected, the better it is for your premises. If a fire has time to become firmly established before triggering an alarm then by the time it has been located and dealt with, even if it doesn’t spread throughout your premises, it will have been able to cause considerable damage and present a genuine threat to life and limb.

We understand the vital importance of the quickest possible detection systems at MAC Security, and that’s why we offer aspirating detection systems. These are systems which are able to detect fires at what is known as the pre-combustion stage, before smoke or flames become visible to the naked eye. The speed of detection offered by an aspirating system can be up to 30 times faster than that of a conventional detection and alarm system.

Fire Aspirating Systems

Our Fire Apirating System Solution

The majority of aspirating systems work via a fan unit which draws a sample of air from the area being protected and carries this air through a network of pipes to a sampling chamber, where it is analysed. The analysis is able to identify smoke particles in the air long before that smoke is visible, triggering an alarm and enabling any potential fires to be extinguished before they have a chance to take hold.

Aspirating smoke detection is the ideal solution for environments in which a rapid response is vital, such as clean rooms and areas which contain highly flammable goods, liquids and gases, as they offer much faster detection than the alternative of point or beam smoke detectors. Here at MAC Security we often recommend aspirant smoke detectors to industries and locations such as hotels, offices, shops, data centres, historic buildings, transportation and warehouses and anywhere in which rapid detection is a key requirement.

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