Fire Confirmation Solutions

No matter what kind of alarm system is installed to deal with the possibility of fires, one of the biggest problems faced by the end-user is often the high incidence of false alarms.

An alarm which is triggered wrongly is not only extremely stressful but it also involves someone having to investigate the reason for the alarm being triggered and, in many cases, the emergency services being called out for no good reason. Perhaps the most damaging impact of repeated false alarms, however, is the fact that they tend to make the person or business on the receiving endless likely to act as quickly as possible in the event of a genuine incident.

Fire Confirmation Solution

MAC Security's Fire Confirmation Solution

The fire confirmation solutions offered by MAC Security are a high-tech solution to this problem. These fire confirmation solutions take the form of a system which is integrated with any existing fire detection system.

When the system is triggered, strategically placed cameras will be used to analyse whether there is in fact any smoke present. If smoke is identified then the images from the camera will be transmitted to a monitoring station, at which point one of our trained experts will be able to respond in a way which has already been agreed with the client.

When Intelligent Remote Visual Smoke Verification of this kind is coupled with other high tech fire detection equipment, such as fire aspirating systems, it offers a complete detection service which maximises the chance of spotting any incidents at the same time as minimising the number of false alarms being triggered.

Our service includes a free site survey and risk assessment, followed by the fire confirmation system being designed and installed with mains power. As well as managing the project from start to finish our commitment to customer service means that we remain on call for both routine maintenance and round the clock emergency call outs.

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