Fire System and Equipment Maintenance

The buildings and equipment which you depend upon to keep your business running, not to mention the people who work inside that building, all depend upon the protection offered by a fire system and safety equipment. It should be able to detect and deal with any fires or potential fires quickly enough to enable a safe and orderly evacuation of the building. That’s just one very good reason why the fire safety equipment and systems you depend upon have to be inspected and maintained by experienced professionals on a regular basis.

The other good reason is that you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the fire safety equipment you rely upon meets the relevant standards and is fit for purpose. This includes a main covering fire alarm system which meets the standard BS5839 pt1:2017.

Here at MAC Security we have years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining fire safety systems and equipment, and we use all of that experience when inspecting and maintaining the systems our clients rely upon. A regular inspection carried out by the experts on our team won’t only make sure that the safety equipment you rely upon will work properly in the event of a fire, it will also minimize the occurrence of costly and time consuming false alarms, and identify any components which have reached the point of having to be replaced.

Fire System And Equipment Maintenance

Our Fire System & Equipment Maintenance Solution

We deliver our services in a way which is designed to work around the operation of your business, minimizing disruption and allowing you to carry on doing your work while we do ours. As well as providing regular scheduled servicing and testing we can be on hand around the clock for any emergency repairs which are needed. If you’re operating on a tight budget then you may be tempted to save money by cutting back on fire system and equipment maintenance, but this would be a mistake. Our service is provided at a value for money price and our experts will be able to:

  • Find any faults which have developed within your systems without becoming apparent or being spotted
  • Provide peace of mind that the equipment you have will be up to the task if a fire ever does need to be deal with.
  • Check for issues such as faulty or eroded components within sprinkler systems.
  • Service the emergency lighting systems vital for people to make a safe escape from an emergency situation.

Our commitment to customer service means that we are always on hand to deal with any questions you might have regarding your fire system and equipment, while our expertise and experience means that we’ll have the solutions needed to put your mind at rest.

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