Key Holding and Emergency Response

Clients work with MAC Security time and time again because they know that the services we offer, including key holding, are tailor made for each set of circumstances. Each project begins with a free site survey, and the information gathered in this way is then used to create a bespoke security plan. This could involve any one or more of a range of options, from manned guarding services to high tech monitoring of vacant properties. One service which many of our clients enjoy being able to rely upon is our key holding and emergency response.

Key holding refers to a particular person – or in this case security company – being responsible for the security of premises which are locked and protected by an alarm system. The key holder will respond if the alarm is activated or access to the property is required. If the alarm has been activated then the key holder will investigate why this has happened and deactivate the entire system, and if access to the property is required then the key-holder will unlock the property to provide it.

If a client requires key holding services then we will keep a set of the keys to their property or properties. If there is an incident which activates a monitored alarm at any time of the day or night – whether that’s a fire alarm or an intruder alarm – a trained member of our team will attend the property as quickly as possible to deal with the situation in a calm and professional manner.

Key Holding Services

Emergency Services

If the situation requires, our key holder will liaise with emergency services such as the police and fire brigade on behalf of the client and will arrange for the services of a locksmith if needed, or for the premises to be boarded up. The ultimate purpose of our key holder services is to protect the integrity of the client’s property and to deal instantly with any incident occurring there.

We provide key holding services for properties of every type, from residential second homes to commercial properties such as shops and offices and public sector premises like schools. In all cases, if an intruder alarm needs to be installed then the support of MAC Security key holders offers much appreciated benefits.

Benefits of Key Holding

The first benefit involves the speed of our response. Waiting for the police to respond to an alarm being triggered can often be a frustrating experience, but the key holding and alarm response services offered by MAC Security mean that any alarm which has been triggered will be spotted immediately and dealt with as quickly as possible.

The second benefit hinges upon the fact that many insurance companies offer lower premiums for premises insurance on the basis of the kind of key holding and alarm response services which we provide. Another feature of our services which clients greatly appreciate is the fact that an alarm being triggered at any time of the day or night will be dealt with by us, and your own team will avoid being disturbed and having to attend and risk putting themselves in harm’s way.

If a member of your team is injured while investigating an incident of this kind it could lead to a costly compensation claim, and this is another risk which can be avoided by putting your key holding and alarm monitoring requirements in the safe hands of MAC Security.

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