Vacant Property Protection

If you’re responsible for a vacant property then you run the risk of that property being broken into. In simple terms, a vacant property is an easy target for vandals, arsonists and thieves if it is not secured properly, and thousands of pounds worth of damage can be caused each and every time it is broken into.

Here at MAC Security we understand the cost, inconvenience and stress that can be caused when a vacant property is targeted in this manner, and that’s why we work with our clients to provide comprehensive and highly effective security.

These solutions include the latest in high tech security equipment and even the provision of manned security or regular patrols. We work with each client to decide exactly what they need to keep their vacant properties 100% safe and secure for a price which will pay for itself many times over.


Advantages of Securing a Vacant Property

The reasons for securing a vacant property almost speak for themselves, but it’s worth listing a few of the advantages:

  • Vacant properties which have been effectively secured will deter any vandals or opportunistic criminals looking for easy targets.
  • Vacant properties which have been effectively secured will maintain their own value and that of the properties surrounding them.
  • Vacant properties which have been effectively secured offer a much-reduced insurance risk and will therefore attract lower premiums.
  • Vacant properties which have been effectively secured will be easier to re-let or re-sell when the time comes to do so.

It doesn’t matter what type of property you’re dealing with, and whether it’s in the public or private sector, when you work with MAC Security you work in genuine partnership with experts in the field.

We’ll work closely with you to create a comprehensive, fully integrated plan for your property, utilizing the latest tried and tested solutions including high tech monitoring and alarm systems and, when needed, the physical presence of on-site patrols.

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