How Secure is Your Home from Break-ins?

How Secure Is Your Home

How secure is your home? It’s one of those things that we know we should always be conscious of, and we always say we’ll look at, but never seem to get round to. We probably think our locks and doors are up to scratch, but if we’re honest with ourselves there is always that niggling fear when we go out that today will be the day a burglar will take advantage of that security flaw we’ve known about for at least a year now. For some it’s patio doors, for others it’s broken gates and fencing.

So how secure is your home when it comes to the outside world? Have you done everything possible to make sure your home is secure? This blog is the first in a series that will provide helpful tips on how to make your home more secure and to prevent break-ins from occurring. 


Act Like A Burglar & Spot The Weaknesses

One of the first things you should do when it comes to assessing the level of security in your home is acting and thinking like a burglar. Apart from smashing window panes in, consider all the ways you’d try to enter your home from the outside so that you can pinpoint any weak spots that you might be aware of. It’s that side gate padlock that leads to your back garden which might be loose or one of your bathroom windows that always stays open at night. It’s good to take the role of a burglar so that you can figure out what could be the cause of a potential break-in. It could also be ideal for spotting where your valuables might get taken if they’re on sight or within reach. Make a checklist as you go and address the points one by one.


Check Your Windows & Doors

When it comes to your windows and doors, it’s a good idea to give them a once over every so often. After a while your doors can weaken and window frames can start to rot, perish, or crack. Not only that, but you might have locks to these windows and doors that aren’t as strong or intact as they used to be. If you feel like you could get through your front or back door by using a bit of force, then it’s time to replace it. Your windows and doors should last a decade or two, but it’s always good to give them a check-up every now and then just to make sure nothing has been compromised.


Install The Right Security Systems

Home burglar alarms and security systems such as cctv and access control add that extra layer of security if a trespasser does decide to take a chance on your home. A loud noise going off in the dead of night will likely deter any opportunistic burglars that have successfully gained access to your home. You can have a monitoring service for home usage in order to track what’s going on in your home both whilst inside the property and also outside, so if your alarm goes off when you’re not home you and the police are the first to know. Modern technology also allows homeowners to also monitor our own security on our phones, so there has never been a better time to make that upgrade, especially if you find yourself wondering if everything is ok when you’re away from home.


Put Lights On Timers

It’s a good idea to have your lights on timers so that when you’re out, it looks like you’re in! No one has their lights on or off all of the time, so you want to mimic the timings of when you’d usually have them on and off. It’s worth doing this so that if you do go away from your home for an extended period of time (such as on holiday) no matter how long you’re away for, anyone who is watching your house is kept guessing. 


So... How Secure is Your Home?

Securing your home from break-ins is important for your safety and your sanity, so use these tips to help prevent it from ever happening. If you’d like help with security systems for your home, then MAC Security are experts in the field. You can contact us on 0121 271 0149 or by e-mailing us on Alternatively you can use the contact form below to reach us too.