Increase the Effectiveness of Your Security Systems with Monitored CCTV Systems

Monitored CCTV Systems

A lot of businesses use CCTV monitoring to act as an effective deterrent to would-be criminals, vandals, and intruders. For companies who need to reduce the impact of crime on their business, while also saving money on the cost of their security, remote CCTV monitoring systems are an effective addition to their security systems.

Monitored CCTV Systems Help Prevent Break-Ins

Having cameras visible around your property can be an effective deterrent for anyone thinking about coming onto your property or behaving illegally. Thieves are a lot less likely to target a property if they think they might be caught doing it. A camera system can help to prevent the property from being hit by crimes by making it clear that the building is being watched.

To get all the benefits from your remote CCTV monitoring system, you should make it clear that a system is in place by putting up clear signs around the outside of your building. This tells any potential criminals that your building is being monitored, which is off-putting.

Proactive, Fast Response

If your property is affected by a crime, whether that’s a break-in, criminal damage or vandalism, having a remote CCTV monitoring service in place gives you a way to monitor footage in real time, collect evidence, and work out what happened.

CCTV isn’t just a preventative measure. The footage that is recorded can be used as evidence if a crime does happen. Footage can be given to the police or to your insurance company. You could capture information like number plates, or the faces of those who have committed a crime.

Monitored 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

A remote CCTV monitoring service has a lot of the same benefits as a monitored intruder alarm. With the added bonus of having a trained operator ready to relay information to the police or key holders, false alarms are also less common.

When the remote operator is alerted, the cause of the alarm can be investigated. If any concerning or illegal behaviour is spotted, action can be taken at once. This action could be calling a key holder to investigate further, calling the police or fire brigade, sending an audio warning through the system to startle an intruder or a combination of any of these options. Systems like this are monitored 24/7.

Monitored CCTV Systems are Cost-Effective

CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective way to provide security to your business premises. Once a system is in place, you can rely on it to keep your company safe for many years to come with not much upkeep.

Keeping your systems in good condition usually means wiping clean the lenses of the cameras occasionally and testing the system to make sure everything is working as it should be. Check that the hard drive is recording, signals are being sent if to the right place, along with any problems that could cause bigger issues later. These checks are usually carried out by a maintenance service with a professional engineer. This gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that your property is under good quality surveillance.

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