Monitored CCTV Systems Vs Monitored Alarm Systems

Monitored CCTV Systems

To protect a business’s premises, surveillance and alarm systems should be in place. Monitoring systems will deter intruders and keep staff and belongings safe. The best solutions provide client safety, quick response times, and can prevent break-ins before they occur.

There are two types of systems that businesses can implement. These include monitored CCTV systems and monitored alarm systems. Each provides different benefits and solutions. To weigh up the advantages of each and make a decision for which system best suits your needs and businesses objectives, here’s more.

What is a Monitored CCTV System?

A monitored CCTV system provides premises with cameras that can record, monitor, and playback surveillance footage. CCTV systems work to deter criminals and help with investigations if criminal activity occurs. The cameras mean that the physical presence of a security guard is not needed. Instead, they can record the premises and the footage can be accessed remotely. These can be implemented for residential CCTV monitoring or business CCTV monitoring.

The Benefits of a Monitored CCTV System

As well as deterring criminals and being used for criminal activity investigation purposes, there are many other benefits of using monitored CCTV systems.

Prevent Break-Ins Before They Occur

The monitoring systems from CCTV cameras allow remote access, which means that devices can be alerted if a criminal was to intrude on the premises. These systems can catch the criminals and set off sounds and light to deter them from entering.

Cost-Effective Solution

With monitored CCTV systems, you can eliminate the need for a security guard. Instead, the system will act as your security guard. It will detect suspicious activity and offer a rapid response. As opposed to paying a salary for a security guard, you will pay a one-time fee for the system. Once it’s installed, your premise will be monitored around the clock and always protected from criminal activity.

Quicker Reaction Time for A More Proactive Response

Monitored CCTV systems offer a proactive response that will warn potential intruders off and alert emergency services, who can be there in minutes. As opposed to standard CCTV systems that simply record the footage for you to playback. Monitored systems will ensure alerts are sent out so that the criminal can be deterred and/or caught.

What is a Monitored Alarm System?

A monitored alarm system is a quick response system that offers communication between your home security and your security provider. Home alarm monitoring systems are ideal if you spend a lot of time out of the house and the house is left unattended. If an intruder was to invade your property, the monitored alarm system would be triggered and the security provider would be alerted. A response team would send out emergency services to catch the criminal and deter them from criminal activity.

The Benefits of a Monitored Alarm System

Monitored alarm systems are great for home security. As well as providing security for your home, whether it is unattended or not, here are some other benefits.

Guarantee A Response

Monitored alarm systems are triggered by sound and movement. If an intruder attempts to enter the property, the alarm will be triggered and the alarm will be set off. This will guarantee a response from both the criminal and security provider/emergency team. The criminal will deter from their activity and an emergency service team will be sent to the property for protection.

Burglary Deterrents

Alarm sounds will guarantee that a criminal will not continue with their activity. Sounds will alert neighbours and hinder what they set out to do. They will likely escape the scene and avoid entering your premises.

Lower Insurance Costs

When you have security installed in your home or building, insurance costs are likely to be reduced as it is less likely that criminal activity will or can take place. As your property will be less vulnerable to criminals, the insurance provider will be rest assured that they will not need to pay out for criminal damage, theft, or loss.

There are benefits for each type of monitored system. No matter the system, both are monitored and likely to deter criminals. They guarantee quick response times and efficacy of security. For those looking for quicker reactions and preventing break-ins, monitored CCTV systems might be the best solution. For home security, monitored alarm systems are ideal as they can deter burglars and lower your insurance bill. It is always best to choose monitored systems, as they can guarantee a reaction and be used in investigations in case criminal activity does occur. Without monitoring, there will be less chance of a proactive response to secure the premises.

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