Receive A Brand-New CCTV System with Callouts & Maintenance When Switching to a MAC Security Comprehensive Package

CCTV Systems

Switching to a new security provider or system can be a tough decision, which might take months to make. That's why MAC Security Systems is making it a little easier by offering a brand new CCTV system with callouts and maintenance when you switch to one of our comprehensive packages.

It can be time-consuming to set up a new CCTV system, especially if you need to seek out different providers for the equipment and monitoring. Our comprehensive packages take the difficulty out of switching or putting together a new CCTV system, providing everything that you need to secure your business.

Comprehensive Packages from MAC Security Systems

Our comprehensive security packages offer you everything that you free, no-obligation site survey and a quote from one of our engineers need to secure your business. We have the ability to provide CCTV security and remote monitoring services and can help you to do everything from sourcing the right equipment to getting the monitoring system set up. Using CCTV with remote monitoring, our highly-trained staff will keep your business secure. Our monitoring facility operates all year, 24 hours a day, so we're always there to respond to any activated alarms or suspicious activity.

When you choose to switch to one of our comprehensive packages, we'll provide you with a brand new system. This is particularly beneficial if your existing CCTV equipment is out of date or has become costly due to repeated needs for maintenance. A new system provides you with the latest, up-to-date technology that serves your business. CCTV and remote monitoring can serve as a vital part of your security protocols, ensuring that your business premises are secure even when unoccupied.

Our CCTV experts will help you to find the right equipment to build your new system. With our 5-year deal on finance, switching to a new, high-tech CCTV monitoring system that suits your business is an affordable way to improve your business' security.

Maintenance and Callouts

Our CCTV systems for business include callouts and maintenance to keep your system running. There's no need to worry about any problems or repairs when you can rely on our team to deliver all of the maintenance services that you require. Our experts take care of your maintenance requirements, visiting you on site to check up on any issues that might occur. A 12-month on-site warranty with every system that we install offers further protection. Our qualified engineers carry out installations, as well as offering valuable advice on business security technology.

The fully-managed Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is high-tech and staffed by trained and experienced employees. If you are looking for a new provider of CCTV systems for your business, switching to one of our comprehensive packages delivers the advantage of our year-round alarm receiving monitoring centre (ARC) and our mobile response team, who are ready to respond to any alarms and incidents as soon as possible.

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