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Intruder Alarms

Add to the security of your property with the latest intruder alarms. You can depend on our team for installation and maintenance services. MAC Security supply, install, maintain and commission to the latest industry standards. Audible Bells only or Monitored, Wired or Wireless, Home, Commercial or Industrial - we design and install a system to balance risk with budget.

Installation of Alarm Systems

We only use state of the art industry standard equipment for all types of property solutions. We understand that everyone's need and requirements are different so our security consultant will discuss your individual home or business to ensure we install a system right for you.

Protecting what is valuable...

At MAC Security we protect what is valuable and important to you both at home and at work. Having your burglar alarm installed and monitored by MAC Security may result in your insurance company offering you a discount on your insurance premium! Worth asking the question...

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It doesn’t matter if you already have an Intruder Alarm installed - we can take over, maintain and monitor most alarm systems. Contact us today for a no obligation site survey, design and quotation.

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Smart Alarm Systems




All in one two-way wireless panel with Digi WIFI communicator

  • Maximum total zones 66
    • 32 wireless zones expandable to 64
    • 2 wires zones expandable to 34
  • 3 Programmable wired outputs expandable to 38
  • 80 user codes, 32 wireless key fobs with individual user ID
  • Built in proximity reader (set/unset with tag)
  • 4 level sets or 4 independent arears (version 10 only)
  • Wide Range of two-way wireless peripherals available
  • Security Grade 2, Environmental class II
  • Customisable push notifications
  • PyronxCloud is a yearly subscription service






Keeping you ahead of the curve with DIGI-WIFI included as standard

In the digital age we continue to demand products and services which are aligned with our lifestyle; products which allow us to stay connected all the time.  This system realises that opportunity by providing IP connectivity through the built in WIFI modem and ProControl+ app available on iOS and Android devices.


Complete Control from anywhere in the world

Set and unset the system, get system status and receive custom push notifications for any event.


HD Monitoring

Add IP cameras to the system for live stream monitoring of the property.


Android & Apple Compatible

The ProControl+ app is available in two versions: on Android from the Google Play store, and on iOS from the Apple App store.




The SecureWave range, launched 2010, bought wireless technology to HKC products. SecureWave is a two-way wireless platform which supports hybrid panels and the Quantum70 which is a complete wireless panel with built in keypad.


The panels are complimented by a wide range of intrusion wired, wireless and life safety devices.  The intrusion detectors include PIR, PIR Camera, Dual Tec, Inertia and Contact Sensors while the life safety devices comprise of Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.


Also Available are dual push wired and wireless panic buttons, secure Key fobs, wired and wireless keypads (complete with audio and visual display) in addition to internal and external warning devices.


Communication devices include four plug on modules –

  • a digital text and voice (DTV) communicator,
  • GSM/GPRS module (with world sim)
  • Wi-Fi Card
  • LAN card

The latter three are compatible with SecureComm, HKC’s cloud-based solution and the HKC App.


SecureComm is HKC’s cloud-based solution for both installer and end users.  It was developed to counteract problems caused by GSM blockers.  The solution includes a ‘heartbeat’ using GPRS/IP to notify in the event of a loss of communication**. 


With the use of HKC’s SecureComm Server and SmartLink700, Mac Security are able to perform upload/download over IP/GPRS and in addition will be able to carry out remote maintenance and make adjustments to detection devices and control equipment.


The HKC App will allow end users full control of their security system including issuing commands and receiving notifications and alarm messages (text & audio) from the system.


**Communication is dependent on the GPRS network provider and the router installed. 





Get to know your Detectors! What does What?

  • A Contact detects the opening of a Door/Window
  • Shock Sensor detects vibrations around the device eg breaking glass
  • Contact Shock, detects forced entry and breaking glass – the best of both
  • PIR detects movement
  • PIR Camera takes a picture when movement is detected (picture sent to the app)
  • Smoke Detector will sound when activated by smoke
  • Heat Detector will sound when activated by excessive heat
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector will sound when carbon monoxide is detected, the audible alert is enunciated at the control panel
  • Panic Button will activate the alarm when pressed in the event of duress.
  • Proximity Tag used to set/unset the alarm
  • Key fob used to set/unset the alarm and can be programmed as a portable PA
  • Live Bell/Siren (internal or external) this is the sounder
  • Dummy Bell is used as a visual deterrent this does not sound

Types Of Detection



Please see below different types of Detection, there are many ways to secure your home or business, and you are not limited to only one sort of detection, with our alarm systems we can combine them both. 


If you are unsure what type of protection you require or simply just want some advice, we are more than happy to complete a survey of the premises and a no obligation quote.


Perimeter Detection

This type of protection comprises a mixture of devices to secure the perimeter of the property, by using Door/Window Contacts, shock sensors or Contact Shock Sensors.  The use of these items can trigger the alarm to activate prior to actual access into the premises, as opposed to Trap Protection (see below) which will only activate when intruders trigger motion sensors. 

  • Door/Window contacts will activate the alarm if a door or window is opened. 
  • Shock sensors will activate the alarm if vibrations are made, this could be someone trying to force entry or breaking glass.
  • Contact Shock Sensors combine both functions of the Door/Window Contacts and Shock Sensors.

By having perimeter detection, you can have the alarm fully set whilst inside the premises giving you complete peace of mind.


Trap Detection

This type of protection comprises Motion sensors (PIR or PIR Camera) strategically placed inside the property to detect movement.  Pet friendly Lens inserts can be used if pets are kept in the home.


Combination Detection

This method combines both perimeter and trap detection.  By mixing Contacts and Shock Sensors covering all vulnerable doors and windows, and internally strategically locating Motion Sensors to detect movement whether your alarm is full or part set you can rest assured that your property is secured.

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