Your Guide for Effective Security Solutions That Help Protect Your Valuable Assets

Security Solutions

Making sure you have the right security solutions in place is vital when it comes to preventing burglaries from taking place on your business premises or home.

Burglaries are an issue for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the fallout from a burglary can be devastating to your bottom line and your employees' trust in their place of work. The same goes for residential properties - the thought of someone breaking into your home and getting their hands on your precious belongings is too much to bear. You know you need security systems in place, but with so many available, what do you go for? Here, we take a look at some of the most effective security solutions that help to protect your valuable assets.

Security Solutions:

CCTV Systems

CCTV has been shown to discourage burglars, so having one installed will instantly reduce the likelihood of intruders targeting your business, as the risk of being caught on CCTV and identified is substantial, making the break-in too problematic. Because of this CCTV should be the first line of defence when it comes to securing your valuable assets. Aside from protecting your business from external robbery attempts, CCTV can assist you with staff problems – whether it's minor shoplifting, aggressive behaviour, or simply not doing their job, CCTV enables you to monitor your employees and help ensure a safe and pleasant work environment for everyone

Monitored CCTV Systems

Following on from the previous point, monitored CCTV systems are an even better solution. While standard CCTV systems can be watched and played back, they do not help if there is a break-in or vandalism in progress - they can help find the culprits, but not necessarily stop them in their tracks.

However, a CCTV monitoring system will ensure that your premises, whether commercial or residential, are being monitored in real-time by professional monitoring personnel. Monitored CCTV cameras are especially useful if your home or business is vacant or in a vulnerable place. The real benefit of detecting a threat while it’s happening is that steps can be taken to deal with it, such as alarm monitoring systems, alerting keyholders, or calling the police.

Invest in Manned Guards

Hiring security guards to keep an eye on what's going on in and around your property will put a stop to any plans a prospective thief or miscreant may have had. Just someone being there can be enough, but if they know they are trained to deal with security issues, they are highly unlikely to carry on.

Invest in Security Lighting

The simple existence of security lighting deters many would-potential intruders. Commercial properties may benefit from emergency lighting as well, as would-be thieves may believe that the building is in use and move on. The biggest advantage of security lighting is that a brightly lit area greatly reduces the likelihood of a burglary taking place. Criminals do not benefit from the darkness to hide their activities. Security lighting is also extremely effective when used in conjunction with monitored CCTV systems, as it increases the likelihood of identification. Outdoor security lighting can provide business owners and homeowners with a sense of safety and overall peace of mind in addition to acting as a deterrent.

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